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Av E! - 3 november 2010 13:56

You made me stronger

It's hard to believe I'm okay
After all, it's been a while
Since you walked away
I'm way past crying
Over you finding someone new
You turned my days into nights
But now I see the light
And this maybe a big surprise to you

If you rather believe I'm not over you
Go ahead
There's nothing wrong with making believe
I know
Cuz I used to pretend you'd come back to me
But time has been such a friend
Brought me to my senses again
And I have you to thanked
For setting me free

Think again
Don't feel so sorry for me, my friend
Oh, don't you know
I'm not the one who lose in the end

Cuz you've made me stronger
By breaking my heart
You ended my life
And made a better one start
You taught me everything
From falling in love
To letting go of a lie
you've made me stronger
Baby, by saying goodbye

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