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Used To

Av E! - 2 september 2010 19:04
Daughtry - Used to

You used to talk to me like I was the only one around
You used to lean on me, your only other choice was falling down
You used to walk with me like we had nowhere we needed to go
Nice and slow, to no place in particular

I used to reach for you when I got lost along the way
I used to listen, you always had just the right thing to say
I used to follow you, never really cared where we would go
Fast or slow to anywhere at all

I look around me and I want you to be there
Cause I miss the things that we shared
Look around you, it's empty and you're sad
Cause you miss the love that we had, I know

You used to talk to me like I was the only one around...

We used to have this figured out
We used to breathe without a doubt
When nights were clear you were the first star I'd see
We used to have this under control
We never thought, We Used to know
At least there's you and at least there's me
Can we get this back To how it used to be?
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5 september 2010 21:31

yeas we can get it back like it used to be it´s all up to you i still love and miss you like hell and i always will

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Av E! - 3 november 2010 13:56

You made me stronger   It's hard to believe I'm okayAfter all, it's been a whileSince you walked awayI'm way past cryingOver you finding someone newYou turned my days into nightsBut now I see the lightAnd this maybe a big surprise to youIf you ra...

Av E! - 25 oktober 2010 13:44

Welcome HomeYou could have been all I wanted, But you weren't honest.Now get in the ground! You choked off the surest of favors, But if you really loved me, You would have endured my world.Well if you're just as I presumed, A whore in sheep's clothin...

Av E! - 17 september 2010 02:07

This is my life It's not what it was before All these feelings I've shared And these are my dreams That I'd never lived before Somebody shake me Cause I must be sleeping Now that we're here It's so far away All the struggle We thought w...

Av E! - 14 september 2010 00:48

Du frågade mig och nu ska jag svara dig. Du ställer massa frågor men orden sviker mig.Jag ser mig idag men det är inte samma som förut Det finns så mycket saker som jag vill ska komma ut Jag ställde en fråga, En fråga om livet Men det fanns så m...

Av E! - 13 september 2010 16:44

Kaipaan sinua ystäväni. Voiko kaikki olla sama?En halua menettää sinua, mutta en tiedä miten voisimme olla yhdessä. ...

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